ABRIL 2022


In 2020, we will optimise the energy efficiency of the lighting system in all our facilities by using LED technology.


JUNE 2021


Our work of integral designs, customised designs continues to be a benchmark in the industrial world.

We provide solutions to improve facilities and increase production.




During this year we have continued to carry out special projects for our customers and to develop new products to incorporate into our general catalogue.



Over the last few years, our client portfolio has included internationally recognised brands. We have carried out integral projects for them in the renovation of industrial furniture and have equipped new installations for them.

APRIL 2019


En Sabadell (Barcelona) un distribuidor preparo una presentación de marcas a la cuál tuvimos el placer de asistir para presentar los nuevos productos de este 2019.

We highlight the development of products for workshops in our new series, the current market does not adapt to the product but it must be the product that adapts to the needs of the industry where it will be directed.

Some of the products that could be seen are:

SERIE ALL IN ONE ( Compact multifunctional Workoffice )

SERIE 151 (Workshop trolleys to be able to have everything at hand during the work)

WORKOFFICE SERIES ( Modular furniture to be able to configure according to the needs )

SERIE 112 with hydraulic system or electric motor ( Ergonomic workbenches )

MARCH 2019


We were present at the Lyon fair to present the new products that the R&D team was working on.

HECO continues to invest in the Research and Development team on a permanent basis to be able to satisfy any need that the market may present. And to offer the final customer a wider range of products according to the current needs of the industries.

All the Commercial and Technical Office team attended to be able to see the European trends within the industries. We were accompanied by our General Manager who is always present in the Design and Development of new products.

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